Thoughts on “My Life is a Book” by Christina B.

First, I just have to say that I’m super stoked to have this collaboration with a fellow writer. This is the first book review for book exchange that I’m typing out. I have another book on it’s way to me in the mail for review. I reached out to both authors and just asked, “Hey, can I have your book in exchange for a review?” and they said “Yes.”! This is so fun for me as an avid reader. So, thank you Christiana B. for being open to this collaboration and thank you to WordPress for making these connections happen.

In “My Life is a Book”, Christina B. talks to us like a friend. She tells us personal stories and gives life advice. Christina begins the book by saying why she is writing it and who it is for and may not be for. She states: “You will not find tips on how to become rich and famous. Instead, you will find tips on how to accept yourself, love yourself, nourish your soul and put some boundaries in your life.” Christina talks about how a medium helped to encourage her to write this book. As a Christian and a former medium myself, I do not personally condone going to a medium. I believe there are demonic sources behind mediums’ psychic powers. The author’s belief system also includes numerology, reincarnation, karma, guardian angels, and spiritual awakening. I continued to read this book because I know that’s not what this book is all about. There are enough gold nuggets sprinkled throughout the book to still make reading worthwhile even if my worldview is different.

Some golden nuggets from the book:

don’t live for society, live for yourself.

you might be surprised by what you can learn if you just allow yourself to accept others.

Life has shown me that the evil we have experienced does not define us and that we have the power and the right to want to change our destiny.

You are seen, you are needed and you can do everything that you want to and more.

Chapter 2 touches on how we were raised vs. what we choose to do with that. We don’t have to repeat bad behaviors but we can learn from them; we can improve and change. Chapter 2 also includes experiences and words of healing from domestic violence and postpartum depression. Chapter 3 covers friendships and breaking up with toxicity. Chapter 4 is primarily a real, raw, and poignant letter to Childhood. Chapter 5, Dear Sad People, is a nonjudgmental letter that made me smile and feel like I was just given a soft warm hug. It made me feel respected and given space to feel and breathe- like a good therapy session. I related to Christina a lot in this chapter. It’s a good read for anyone that has dealt with, is dealing with, or knows someone dealing with depression. Chapter 6 is a great chapter for people in dating mode; the author shares her knowledge, experience, and perspectives on love. However, this love she speaks of goes far beyond dating relationships. Chapter 7 is the chapter I most looked forward to reading. It turned out to be both about mental health particularly related to work. I’m so proud of you, Christina! And you will be proud and inspired too after you read through this chapter (and book). Chapter 8 talks about negative/positive thinking, materialistic/nonmaterialistic, and gratitude.

Christina’s Self-care List: read, color, hot bath/shower, yoga/meditation, write, & massage.

Christina even added wonderful drawings for you to color in her book!

I feel privileged to have got to have an insider’s view in the thoughts of the author. The book left me motivated, inspired, and thoughtful; all perfect feelings after the reading of a good book.

Read the book by ordering here.

Check out the author’s blog here.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on “My Life is a Book” by Christina B.

  1. Cristina B. says:

    I am so touched by your review. The fact that your beliefs are slightly different than mine and yet you still gave my book a shot and you even enjoyed it, shows me that even if we are different we can always find ways to connect and help each other. Thank you so much for this! 💙

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