The Search for the Green River Killer: The True Story of America’s most notorious serial killer case ever by Carlton Smith and Tomas Guillen

This isn’t the type of book I usually read but it was good to expand my horizons into new territory: true crime. My neighbor knew I like to read and that I really like nonfiction; she brought the book to me. I took it as an assignment with just a bit of intrigue. The intrigue grew with every page. I chewed through half the book the first weekend it was in my hands and read a couple chapters after work during the week.

This book goes into fascinating detail of the investigative work that
occurred during the entire ordeal. I believe it went into such detail because as of first print, it was still an unsolved mystery. Only in the added material in the end do we find out who dun it. 

I had no idea so much politics were involved in these types of investigations. It’s all about funding and that comes from the hands of the politicians. The media and public opinion also played a major role in the investigation. Media drove public opinion. Public opinion swayed political decisions- to keep the votes mainly! Isn’t that politics?

It ultimately took 20 years and only one of the multitude of investigators was still working on the case when the killer was convicted. One of the investigators had to retire for mental health reasons due to the extraneous matters in this case. Another died from a freak scuba diving accident. This true psychopath murdered 48 females, mostly young prostitutes (who were respectfully portrayed in the book). The killer saw the corpses as his property after he killed them. The book includes graphic depictions related to the murders so reader beware: rape, necrophilia, etc… Despite, passing a lie detector test, science eventually caught up with the killer through DNA samples. 

If you like true crime and can stomach real gore- check out this book. 


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