The Magazine

I usually work as a registered nurse in a clinic but sometimes I pick up extra work as a sitter. For this experience, my role was a sitter. When I am a sitter, I often bring reading material for down time. This particular day I brought a couple books and a magazine. The magazine was Life’s special edition: Women of the Bible “Inspiration stories of strength, faith and courage”. The patient was a young girl with a rough family life.

For most of the shift, I sat quietly next her while she slept or watched television. At some point, we started talking. She told me why she was there and very candidly shared some of her personal story with me. Inspired by my magazine, I felt called to do something out of my comfort zone and share part of my personal story with her- that my family had its problems too and so did my own past. We connected in a way that was deeper than I connect with most patients because I followed God’s calling in my heart to be vulnerable with this girl.

After a good talk, she allowed me to pray with her. She also shared with me that she wants to be a pediatrician. I encouraged her to pursue this and that she CAN do it. This was a treasured moment because she told me that I was the first person that she ever told that too. I feel honored not only that she trusted me with this but that God was able to use me as a healing presence for this daughter of His. Before I left, she accepted the Women of the Bible magazine to look over as a gift from me. I pray that she will be inspired by God to become an inspirational woman too.



How can you connect with someone on a deeper level this week?

How can God use you as His vessel?

Where is God in your day? A magazine? A flower? A quote?

Healing goes both ways…you give and you will receive.

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