5 Reasons to Travel Solo

kayaking Blue Heart Springs solo
  1. Empowerment– To step out of your comfort zone, make all the decisions, and go into the unknown alone and reliant only on yourself boosts self confidence in a way that nothing else can.
  2. Peace– I love people, but I also know that I require a certain amount of solitude. Solitude at home doing chores isn’t what I mean. There is definitely a peace that comes from not engaging in conversation or day-to-day interactions for a while.
  3. Your way– I’ve heard so many people say they wish they would’ve seen or done this and that on vacation but the person or people they were with didn’t want to. Going solo gives you full reigns on your schedule with no regrets.
  4. New Friends– While you have an option to stay to yourself, you also have the opportunity to meet new people. This may lead to long lasting friendships or one casual conversation that you would not have otherwise had if you were with others.
  5. Save Money– On my recent solo trip I was able to save a lot of money by staying at spare rooms in Airbnbs. This would not have been an option if I was with another person or a group. I also bought myself some groceries and didn’t have to eat out if I didn’t want to. I could spend as little or as much as I wanted to without having to spend money doing things that I wasn’t very excited about.

I recommend everyone traveling solo at least once in their lifetime!

How far from home have you traveled alone? How did it go for you?