Promises: Guest Poetry by Shaundi M.

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Spent my days wandering. 

Listening to the promises of the world.

Failing to see, failing to hear, failing by a hardened heart. 

Lies dealt and laid out like the broken shards of my life. 

Filled with desolation, lost in the wilderness of life…darkness creeps in and I’m left drowning in the broken promises and lies of this life. 

I know You are with me. Even in the darkest hours of the night, I know Your promises will crush the darkness and bring forth the light. Have mercy on me, Lord-break me free of this desolation. 

Filled with pain, anger, frustration…lost in the darkness of sin, and I’m left drowning in the broken promises and lies of this life. 

God, I cry out to You. Your love and unending mercy-I cry out to You. I can’t live in this world without You. God please hear my cries, wipe away the pain, brush the tears aside. Bless me with Your grace, bless me with strength to love and live within You and for You…

Blue Heart

at Blue Heart Springs, ID

timid, brave

a hat and paddle

swoosh, swoosh

row, row

kelp and bugs in the boat

row, row

a muskrat identified by his trailing tail

baby ducks

brown pelican, fish tail hanging out mouth like a cigar

row, row

wind, that’s all

then laughter at a distance


shimmering water, blue skies, white clouds, grey rocks

my heart is blue like the water and springing with life

Old Barns

Old barns have always captivated me. There is beauty in their brokenness, isolated independence- standing strong with a lean and open windows. They are mysterious and secretive- alluring yet dangerous. Once place of hard work and vision…now something to break my eyes from monotonous plains- still valuable… as a poem, art in the landscape.

80s Childhood

Baby oil and a battery operated radio

A towel

Flip sides

Grass so dewy

Hammocks of webs on all 4 acres

The air is fresh and the spider strings glisten

There’s beauty but anyway I’ll walk on it to pick the flowers

Pinesap, dirt, and sweaty children Bicycles

Flickering street lights and bug bites

The moon

The stars

Change from the couch

Candy cigarettes and nickel gum

Piled in plastic grocery bags

We walked