A Poem

Emotions happen.
Feel them. Ride Them.
And Bounce Back.
The ride will repeat>
Curves will sharpen, twist, and change.
But There is Bounce Back.
There are others
Crying in closets.
There are others
screaming in pillows and hitting air.
You are NOT alone
NOT today or on that special holiday.
Nor am I.
Ugly Cries and Pretty Faces.
Wine, Chocolate, and Friends.

Morning “Face the Day” Ritual

Before and After full makeup application

I recently got into to learning about face care and makeup application as a part of my self care routine. It’s helping me to not only accept and love me without makeup but enjoy and feel more confident with the makeup. The morning ritual of face cleansing, prep, and makeup application isn’t for vanity or to impress anyone. It’s a morning ritual where I show to myself that I am worth daily pampering and feeling pretty.

Do you have any daily routines where you actively show yourself love?

Do you play with any artform whether it’s eyeshadow pigment or acrylic paint?