Letters after Thoughts of Suicide

Everyone can make a positive difference in the support and prevention of suicide: friends, self, acquaintances, strangers, and family.

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It’s the small things

Dear Friends, 

It’s hard to be a friend to someone that is extremely depressed. Depression has a way of isolating and separating people. It may be hard to reach out, not fun, not exciting, and even exhausting for both parties. You don’t have to do much- an encouraging text or a card will go a very long way in helping someone get out of their negative thought cycle. 


Your friend that once could barely get out of bed

It’s ok to not be ok.

Dear Self,

You are here for a purpose. The world needs you. You are worth another day. All the clichés are true. But also, it’s ok to feel like they aren’t true. It’s ok to feel terrible. You are not a bad person or any less worthy because of your thoughts or feelings. If you couldn’t get out of bed this morning; there’s tomorrow morning. Try again. And when you do that thing that is so hard, whether it’s brushing your teeth or going shopping…physically pat yourself on the back. Live the cliché. 

Wishing you the best,

Future Self that survived the hard times

Don’t judge.

Dear Acquaintance,

The tears aren’t for dramatic effect. The cut wasn’t for attention. The pain is real. The best thing you can do to help prevent suicide is to believe. Just believe that these are real symptoms of real problems. Believe I am doing the best I can. That person in front of you is doing the best they can.  Once you do that, the right thing, the kind and helpful things will come naturally. 

Believing the best in you,

Someone that you hurt even though you may not have meant to


Dear Stranger,

This is a thank you note for all the little things you did for me- the smile, holding the door, asking how my day is, paying for my coffee. Keep doing that. You made a difference. You may forget my face quickly and I may forget yours, but the feeling you freely gave will be remembered forever. 

With kind regards,

A fellow stranger that needed your moment of kindness

Just be there

Dear Mom,

You saved my life by coming to me. Flying all the way to see me and spend time just in my presence. I needed that more than anything. Thank you. Your actions told me how important I am, they showed your love. I think about that any time I am really down. You were there and that’s the biggest thing anyone could have done. 


A daughter that was in a dark place

If you need someone to talk to, there are lots of people that have suicidal thoughts and lots of people that want to help. Some of the people that want to help volunteer at The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Call them at 1- 800-273-TALK.

I called them once. They listened to me ramble about my life drama. They made me promise to be safe. They listened, that’s what I needed. I wanted to talk to them longer. There are a lot of people calling, so they just can’t stay on the phone forever, but they did what they needed to do for me. It’s a good resource that works. 

If you are in an immediate crisis, go to your nearest Emergency Room. It’s not silly. It’s not stupid. If you need to spend the night, it might not be fun- but you will be kept safe and that’s the number one priority. 

It may seem extreme, but if you know someone that may be in immediate danger of harming themselves- call your local police and request a welfare check. The person may get mad at you, but ultimately, they will still be there to be mad at you- you might save their life. 

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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