Intrusive Thoughts: Words From My Family

Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

Emotional/Verbal Abuse and Trauma:

You will always be a follower, never a leader- Mom.

You have more in life than you deserve -Facebook post by a sister when asking for help caring for a gravely ill child.

She says she isn’t related to you and she doesn’t even know you. -My friend told me of what a sister said to other school friends; parents dismiss this as a nonissue to this day.

Me and your dad agree that you will never graduate high school- Mom.

Quit school. Have a beer. You are wasting your time. You also owe me for groceries. -Dad.

You cannot handle the music, friends, or movies that your siblings can so you are grounded from them all. -Mom

You almost caused our divorce. -Mom

You are stupid!- as Stepdad chased me out of the house and I drove away in fear.

Spiritual Abuse and Trauma:

Come out demons! You are demon possessed. -as Mom pressed one palm firmly on my forehead and raised her other hand high in the air. There was no warning.

Recognizing these statement as abuse and trauma have been incredibly beneficial to me; to recognize that these statements weren’t normal or ok. Recognizing these statements as abuse also have validated my internal struggle of self worth.

I want to tell you, dear reader, that if you received messages like this: you are not alone and your struggle is valid.

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