Imprints and Narratives, a poem

My step-sister was allowed to tell the school she didn’t know me, not related and beneath.

I’m too sensitive because it bothered me, it hurt and thus I’m eggshells to walk on and despise more.

Other sister was ok to say “You have more in life than you deserve”.

Kid dying? Ha, you Munchausen Mess. Go on and break down.

Take it, Take it in, Accept it and Smile and Do your chores.

Be good but never good enough because you are you and not her, not them, no one.

You won’t graduate. You will always be a follower, never a leader. You are mean.

You. Low level you. Nails on the chalkboard of a mother’s soul.

You can’t handle the same friends, music, or movies as your siblings. Cover your eyes & give me the CD.

Go to your room. You can’t. So, go to your room until you are 18 then you are OUT!

Afterschool is finding a couch to sleep on. Making A’s and falling asleep in class.

Mom said I was an embarrassment in that dress- here’s a new one and on your way.

Your hair is embarrassing and so are you- Get in the car!

I cried when I made my first C. What a crybaby.

Dad charged me for a slice of cheese. His drug money must have been low.

Satan surrounds me. Angels come in. God I am so done with this!

Daughter of mine, you can and you will and more.

Daughter of mine, I created you to soar.

But the ruts are so deep in my mind. The damage is done.

Beauty from ashes; purpose from pain.

From you The World has so much to gain.

My vessel, my clay, in my presence please stay

Love and Open Eyes

I’ll sit next to you in the pain

Walk with you in peace

You are mine, my creation, choose me, welcomed and free.

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