Eating Lilacs

I just bought a home in February. Snow was still covering the ground when I looked at it and when I moved in. It was quite a pleasant surprise to suddenly find a backyard in full bloom in June. I took some cuttings and made a beautiful bouquet for myself. Single or not single- I think all ladies deserve flowers and it’s ok to give them to ourselves or accept them from nature.
To the right is one of 7 of my lilac bushes. I was just told that the white flowers will turn to chokecherries. I’m so delighted at my bounty. I get to make lilac and chokecherry jelly! That’s right, lilacs are an edible flower! They only bloom for 2 weeks so once they bloom, the preservation should begin.
I made a dark lilac syrup and marinated my steak in it. Lilacs have a light lavender like flavor. I’m an adventurous eater so this was fun for me.
The lilac vodka tasted best mixed with the lilac lemonade.

Have you or would you taste lilac?

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