Patch Adams M.D. Book vs. Movie Review

Patch Adams is a hippie doctor that believes in communal living and happiness as a way to wellness. The movie was supposed to help with Patch’s dream of a free hospital coming true. It did not raise any money. In my opinion, the ending of the movie killed the entrepreneurial aspect of the movie. The […]

Promises: Guest Poetry by Shaundi M.

Spent my days wandering.  Listening to the promises of the world. Failing to see, failing to hear, failing by a hardened heart.  Lies dealt and laid out like the broken shards of my life.  Filled with desolation, lost in the wilderness of life…darkness creeps in and I’m left drowning in the broken promises and lies […]

A Poem

Emotions happen.Feel them. Ride Them.And Bounce Back.The ride will repeat>Curves will sharpen, twist, and change.But There is Bounce Back.There are othersCrying in closets.There are othersscreaming in pillows and hitting air.You are NOT aloneNOT today or on that special holiday.Nor am I.Ugly Cries and Pretty Faces.Wine, Chocolate, and Friends.

Why, Where, and How to Volunteer

Volunteering is good for mental health. Here’s a quick why, where, and how of volunteering: Why: A sense of purpose. Seeing that you are needed and can be helpful. Giving is better than getting. Fulfillment. Pride in helping. Meaningful activity. Because you need something to do. Being around people. Build relationships and comradery. Because you […]

Thoughts on “My Life is a Book” by Christina B.

First, I just have to say that I’m super stoked to have this collaboration with a fellow writer. This is the first book review for book exchange that I’m typing out. I have another book on it’s way to me in the mail for review. I reached out to both authors and just asked, “Hey, […]

Toxic Positivity

Disclaimer: This is a guest post. I have not created this post nor do I own it. I do follow, enjoy, and gain insight from the author’s blog. Link provided at end of article. On yesterdays post titled “Anxiety”, I mentioned how I’ve been feeling a little low and I talked about wanting to share it […]

5 Reasons to Travel Solo

Empowerment– To step out of your comfort zone, make all the decisions, and go into the unknown alone and reliant only on yourself boosts self confidence in a way that nothing else can. Peace– I love people, but I also know that I require a certain amount of solitude. Solitude at home doing chores isn’t […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Vacation

Growing up, going to Wal-Mart was our excitement. My family never took vacations and my parents rarely travel. But, there is a reason why vacation time is a thing. People NEED to and SHOULD go on a getaway at least once or twice a year. Here are 5 benefits to going on vacation: Reboot your […]


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