5 Ways to Show Yourself Love

No matter what you do in life- You deserve to show yourself LOVE. Here are some ideas that work for me. Please comment what you do for self-love and/or if you try one of the following:

1. Take a nap

Living off caffeine? Too tired to think? But still, think you need to go-go-go? Stop. Rest. You deserve a guilt-free nap. It’s ok to do. It’s not selfish and not lazy. It’s healthy self-care. Don’t wait until you collapse. Sleep late one day. Stay in your pajamas for a while. It’s good for you.

2. At Home Spa Treatment

If I really want to treat myself, I order a box of Lush bath bombs. The colors, smell, softness, and even sound are all relaxing to the senses. Dim the lights, pour some wine and light a candle to create a luxurious experience just for you. You deserve it!

3. Say No

You do not have to do everything- the extra shift your boss asked you to do, the volunteer committee, 50 extra-curricular activities for your kids…slow down, breathe, don’t fill up your schedule so much that there is no downtime.

4. Nourish Friendships

It’s important to know you aren’t alone and to spend time with people that lift you up and help you grow. Message, text, call, or make time to meet in person. This may seem like one more ball to juggle in the world of adulting, but it makes the juggling easier to have supportive friends.

5. Unapologetically Be You

Don’t judge yourself compared to others. Don’t let the judgment of others make you second guess yourself. The world needs your unique fingerprint. Don’t apologize to anyone for who you are; especially yourself.

So rest, pamper yourself, pace yourself, spend time with others, and be yourself. Which one do you need to do list week? I promised a friend that I would call her to talk instead of messaging. That’s my self-love/nourish friendship to do!

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