5 Steps to Detox from Toxic Relationships

Is there someone in your life that makes you feel “less than”? You are not alone. It happens all the time, but you have the power to repel the feeling and the relationship.

  1. Define Relationships. A relationship is not just between romantic partners. We are all in relationships with family members, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, or significant others. All of these relationships inevitably have meaningful attachments that are purposed for healthy bonds but can lead to soul destruction when infused with poisonous negativity.

2. Recognize Toxins. Toxicity makes you feel bad about yourself. It gives you a feeling that you would rather be buried in the dirt than bloom in the sun. Toxic people use words and actions to put you down. They may verbally dismiss your value. They might not show up when needed. They may elevate themselves over you.

3. Detox– It’s a process. If it feels like you are drowning in toxicity, it’s time to walk away. This can be hard but these people don’t need your time or energy. It’s ok to try to make it work. It’s also ok to grieve the loss of what you thought the relationship could or should look like.

4. Be Free– Get away from all potential toxins. This is not a shutting down or shutting off but a break. Maybe this means getting off social media for a while or temporarily disengaging with a person that creates tension. Take time to reflect on the value and reciprocations of the relationship.

5. Return or Replace- You may be able to return to your relationships with new boundaries in place. Or you may need to replace them with new people, more time with yourself, or other activities that bring growth and healing. You might also need to replace any learned negativity with positivity. I was once told, “You have more in life than you deserve”. This phrase was a sticky toxic waste on my soul until I could replace it with “I earned what I have, I work hard, and I deserve good things.”

In summary: There are different types of relationships that can bring toxicity to your life. Toxic relationships feel bad, detoxing from these relationships doesn’t feel good either but you are worth and deserve good things.

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